This Man is Teaching Black Americans to Use Guns Safely

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms to Americans without regard to race, sex, or creed. Individuals need to learn gun safety, not submit to gun control.

Maj Toure, a black gun-rights advocate, is on a mission to teach black Americans the importance of self-defense and using firearms safely. The founder of Black Guns Matter said being a good citizen is also important. He seeks to change this perception of guns within the black community: if a person has a gun, he’s either a criminal or a cop.

From Business Insider:

“I believe that more Black people would be alive if they were armed,” Toure told Business Insider Weekly.

“So when I hear ‘unarmed Black man,’ I’m sad,” he added, “because there should be no such thing.”

When protests erupted in late May, Toure bought a flight to Minneapolis, where he began teaching crowds about self-defense and Black Guns Matter just a few blocks from Floyd’s memorial.

“If you would like a free basic firearm safety class, you can get it right here,” he told a group of passers-by, setting up a table with replica handguns. “The police, as we see, will leave. They will not come to save you. They will not save our businesses. So if you want that, I’ll do that here. Anyone can come. It is completely free.”

Toure also believes all gun control is racist. Some black Americans might not understand that despite gun violence in the U.S. and efforts to suppress ownership, they have a right to bear arms for self-defense. The Second Amendment extends to them, whether they live in high-crime or relatively safe neighborhoods.

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