This Son of Cuban Immigrants Is Not Happy About Obama’s Castro Statement

Sen. Marco Rubio did not appreciate what the outgoing President Barack Obama had to say about the dead former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him,” the soon-to-be-former president said in a statement. He offered “condolences” to the brutal dictator’s family.

Freedom-loving people don’t share liberals’ love affair with a man who ordered the forced labor, torture, imprisonment, and executions of his own people for opposing his Communist regime. The senator’s parents are Cuban immigrants. Americans of Cuban dissent across the U.S. celebrated.

“The dictator has died, but the dictatorship has not,” the senator wrote. “And one thing is clear, history will not absolve Fidel Castro; it will remember him as an evil, murderous dictator who inflicted misery and suffering on his own people.”

Photo credit: Michael Vadon (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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