College Student Discovers What Most Black Conservatives Already Know About ‘Diversity’

Long before “diversity” virtue-signaling reached a fever pitch, people could see that it was only skin deep. Diversity of skin is in; diversity of thought is not. One doesn’t have to be particularly insightful or intelligent to see it, either.

“Diversity” is a surface-level system that defines people by what they look like, by the color of their skin. Racial group membership, not the individual, and uniformity of thinking are top priorities.

Kalasia Richer, a black conservative student, discovered just how intolerant liberals are when it comes to different points of view. Oddly enough in this “That’s racist!” climate, groupthink trumps race. An excerpt:

“I am going to be a sophomore at my college this year. I came into my school on a full academic scholarship program that valued diversity and leadership. I was excited to be a part of a program that was filled with leaders who I thought wanted equal treatment for everyone. I quickly learned that this was not the case. I soon discovered that the program was just a way for the school to bring in minorities so that they could indirectly display them during tours and say that our school had so much ‘diversity.’

“This was far from the truth. Diversity at my school stopped at skin color. There was a strict unspoken narrative that minorities…at the school were encouraged to follow and unfortunately for me I did not fit into it. I was not liberal minded, I did not want to be a part of their social justice movements/protest, and I certainly did not want to be known as just another African American student on the campus who believed that the white student body had privilege.

“Perhaps the most threatening thing was that I openly supported Donald Trump and I openly did not support illegal immigration. The members of  diversity leadership program and the building for diversity on campus soon began to develop a hatred for me because I was not following the script that my skin color had supposedly assigned for me. I was soon shunned from the members of my scholarship program. I began to get  harassed by these members and when it was brought to the attention of the director of the scholarship program he excused their actions by saying that ‘when you say certain things, people are going to react a certain way.’ I had very few allies left.”

Read the rest here.

Black conservatives know all about liberal intolerance. But we remain undaunted and continue to resist indoctrination and re-education. We stand by our beliefs and exercise our freedom to oppose — out loud — what’s harmful, unfair, and immoral.

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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