‘Transgendered’ in the Military?

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General, whom President Bill Clinton fired after she suggested that government schools should teach children how to masturbate, released a report “comprised of medical and psychological experts, to consider whether Pentagon policies that exclude transgender service members are based on medically sound reasons.”

Dr. Elders wants our U.S. Armed Forces to consider allowing biological males who wish they were females (and vice versa) to dress and comport themselves as females in military uniforms? Now, I’ve never been in the military, but I suspect such a sight wouldn’t do much for morale.

This country has changed to the point where even appearing to disagree with such a viewpoint gets you branded as a hater, self-loather, or a bigot. It’s politically incorrect, and you know what Dr. Ben Carson said about political correctness, right?

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