Trump is STILL the Best Choice for the Next President

A jury has found former President Donald Trump guilty on all counts in a hush-money show trial.

Is he still the best choice for the next president? Absolutely.

As Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News, leftists love to tell conservatives why they shouldn’t support Trump but ignore Biden’s support of a “family influence peddling operation and his weaponization of government against religious conservatives and his every opportunity to spread racial division.”

And worse. That’s how much they hate Trump, despite his accomplishments when he was in office.

“America’s military was strong under Trump and our troops felt respected by their commander in chief,” Star said. “Biden’s woke agenda has been imposed throughout the government, including our military. His imposition of the vaccine mandates on military members ignored their objections, all of their objections, and led to the separation of more than 8,000 service members. Biden’s actions have contributed to recruiting and retention problems, huge problems, therefore weakening our military readiness.”

Biden is also ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that he doesn’t have the authority to “forgive” student loans.

“Biden and Trump have agreed to debate and those debates can’t begin soon enough,” Star said. “Let’s get beyond personalities and focus on the issues that matter to the American people. We will all be watching.”

Let the games begin!

Watch Star below or at Straight Arrow News.

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