Trump’s Getting Things Done with His ‘Management-By-Chaos’ Style

Hope Hicks left her job as White House communications director. Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, lost his top security clearance. And President Trump pushed for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

A CNN host asked Ken Blackwell, former Trump transition team member, what stood out among these events.

Washington isn’t accustomed to President Trump’s style. He’s a man who led a tightly held family-controlled LLC, and he never had to deal with a publicly traded company that had a board of directors and shareholders. “So the lines of the authority were pretty direct and very, very clear.”

But as president, he’s running what could be called “the largest, publicly traded company in the world,” which has resulted in a clash of styles.

The president, Blackwell contends, has a management-by-chaos style (as long as he’s getting things done!), so last week’s events could be expected.

Then the CNN host asked about gun control (and race). Watch the brief clip to hear Blackwell’s response. Gun grabbers and race-baiters might not like it.

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