Trump’s Kamikaze Campaign

DonaldTrump_3If Donald Trump wanted a fair election cycle, he should’ve run with the political party that better reflects his worldview — the Democratic party. Wikileaks and James O’ Keefe’s latest Project Veritas videos revealed what conservatives have known all along: Democrats wanted to run against Trump. Once again the left-wing media picked our candidate, and we let them.

Make no mistake about it, when Donald Trump says the election is rigged and there’s mass voter fraud, that’s code for “oh crap! I’m losing badly!” Thus, he’s determined to keep his supporters mad so they stop thinking critically. He’s hoping to harness their anger throughout November’s election just in case he loses in order to prepare for the next chapter of his life- the Trump television network.

You would think Mr. Trump would remain focused on exposing Hillary’s corruption and how he’s going to clean up Washington with the latest email scandal revealing the “quid pro quo,” more commonly known as a bribe, between the State Department, and the FBI. These agencies negotiating terms to declassify an email related to possible arrests in the Benghazi attacks is a freebee in proving corruption. Instead, Trump decided to throw a hissy fit for three crucial days about a biased left-wing media that he cannot control and that has existed for generations. I’m not Justin Timberlake, but cry me a river! Politics is hardball. Besides, regardless of how you feel about Wikileaks, they’ve given Trump all of the ammunition he needs to prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton.

So, if you were wondering whether or not Donald Trump will win the presidency this November, don’t. He’s not trying to win.  After challenging Hillary Clinton to take a drug test last weekend as if he’s competing for a UFC title fight with Ronda Rousey, neglecting to expand his base beyond voters that look and sound like he does by preaching to the choir rather than the entire country, and flirting with left-wing policy, such as nationalized daycare, it’s become abundantly clear Mr. Trump never intended on winning the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency. It’s as if he hadn’t thought through his ideals in advance and stumbled upon the nomination at a time in history when it was ripe for the picking.

Having said that, Trump still has a chance to prove skeptics like myself wrong by winning the final presidential debate and remaining focused on the task at hand for the remainder of his candidacy — defeating Hillary. Trumps biggest dilemma however, is his proclivity to alternate between two parallel universes.

One universe genuinely wants to “Make America Great Again.” The other universe consists of a narcissistic promoter that wants to “Make Trump Great Again,” and thereby can’t afford a losing image.

I don’t want to totally minimize Trump’s complaint that the media is rigged against him. They’re rigged against every Republican. The media in general hates Republicans, conservatives, and Christians alike.  The answer to solving the fairness gap in elections is two-fold: 1) learn to use the media to your advantage by reframing their arguments rather than reacting to them, which Trump successfully did in the primary; and 2) win elections.

To the latter point, Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, is systematically reinstating ex-felons to voter rolls one-by-one just in time for the election. It’s disgusting! He’s able to do so because he won his gubernatorial race. Likewise, we know Democrats don’t consistently purge their dead from voter rolls. That being said, Republicans control 23 “trifectas” (control of governorships, state senate and state house) around the country according to Comparatively, Democrats control 7 states with a trifecta. The rest of the states have divided control. Do you believe for a second that states run by Republicans will allow mass corruption of their system by Democrats? Of course not!

Bottom line is this: there are more conservatives in this country than leftists, and it’s up to Donald Trump alone to inspire them to vote for him. He said he was a winner. It’s time for him to act like one.

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