Uh-Oh: Pro-Life Ads Slipped Through Google’s Censors…and Google Doesn’t Care?

The people who run Google are intolerant of people and organizations that believe abortion is murder or that women don’t have a constitutional right to kill their unborn babies.

Google, the all-powerful search engine conservatives and Christians are convinced censors their views, tried to limit “deceptive” advertisements for crisis pregnancy centers.

Did it work? The Guardian (via Christian Headlines) said the censorship doesn’t go far enough. From the Guardian (emphasis added):

The loophole means only users who are specifically searching under the term “abortion” will be provided information on Google’s website about whether a particular health care clinic does – or does not – offer the procedure to women.

If a user searches under other terms, like “free pregnancy test” or “pregnancy symptoms”, no such information appears under the advertisements for the same clinics. While the difference might seem semantic, there is a worry that it will confuse women who might mistake a crisis pregnancy center for an abortion clinic.

Apparently Google believes its existing censorship policy is good enough (emphasis added):

Google declined to comment on the number of ads that have been affected by its new policy and said that the fact that some ads were still being published without any tags – depending on the search term – was not a loophole. The policy, the company said, was purposely designed to only target “abortion” keywords.

According to Live Action News, women can get free pregnancy testing, and might get sexually transmitted disease testing and limited ultrasounds at crisis pregnancy centers, so searching the term “free pregnancy test” and finding pregnancy centers isn’t a manipulation. If abortion advocates are upset that a pregnancy center turns up in search results for  “free pregnancy test,” the reason is obvious. They want abortion clinics to be front and center for any woman contemplating her next step.

Why would a pregnancy center have to trick a woman? How can it deceive her into opting to protect her growing baby? A pregnant woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant knows she doesn’t have to be pregnant in the United States. She may kill her child for any reason during the first trimester. If she accidentally ends up at a place that will help her keep her child, she can walk out the door.

Abortion-advocating leftists, while trying to sound rational, barely conceal their hostility toward pro-lifers and impassioned support for, of all things, death.

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