Waiting for the Hobby Lobby Decision

Christian retailer Hobby Lobby argued its case for religious freedom before the U.S. Supreme Court in March. The high court will issue a decision in the coming days.

In the context of an ever-expanding government, the case marks an important moment in the cause of religious freedom. Hobby Lobby sued the government in 2012 to seek an exemption to Obamacare’s requirement that employee health care plans include coverage for the morning-after pill and similar emergency contraception drugs. The company faced fines of up to $1.3 million a day for refusing. Last year a court granted the company a temporary exemption.

Killing unborn babies is legal in the United States, but it’s immoral. Although Hobby Lobby is a business that serves all, the owners have a right not to violate their conscience by paying for their employees’ abortion drugs. What’s odd about the obsessive pursuit for such coverage is people can buy birth control pills and abortion drugs cheaply at places like Walmart. They can also buy condoms, the sponge, and spermicides over the counter. Although feminists and other liberals will dispute the assertion, preventing conception and getting rid of unwanted babies aren’t health care.

The Obama administration essentially forced Hobby Lobby to make a federal case out of this issue, as it faced having to pay millions in fines for failing to comply with Obamacare provisions. Even if the court rules in Hobby Lobby’s favor, Christian business owners, particularly those who provide services for weddings, will have to deal with the homosexual lobby’s in-your-face crusade to coerce people into not only accepting deviant behavior, but celebrating it.

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