Wanted Baby, Unwanted Fetus

The_Duchess_and_Prince_George_of_CambridgeThe abortion lobby tends to dehumanize unborn babies. It’s easier to kill the growing child for the sake of convenience if you try not to think of him as a potentially cooing infant or 10-year-old kid or strapping man. But a baby in the womb is no less human than any of us, whether he’s viewed as a “clump of cells” or a “blob of tissue.”

As a closet anglophile (oops…just outed myself), I’ve followed the #RoyalBaby news on Twitter and elsewhere. The Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, is pregnant with her second child. Steven Ertelt at Life News notes the duchess’s unborn baby is referred to that way, as opposed to #RoyalFetus (can you imagine?). She’s likely in her First Trimester, and women in this phase of the pregnancy can get an abortion in the U.S. on demand.

A wanted baby is a humanized baby. Otherwise, he’s a fetus, which is a medically accurate term, but creates distance in hearts and minds.

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