Washington in Crisis: Inside the Storm — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Frequent guest Jonathan Alexandre this week hosted CURE America with Star Parker, where he had an insightful conversation with T.W. Shannon, the youngest speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and vice chairman of CURE’s board of directors.

In this episode, you will gain a personal perspective as their discussion touched on the ongoing border crisis, the upcoming presidential primaries, and the challenges facing America today. Discover the importance of preserving the Judeo-Christian fabric and the need for principled leadership in alignment with these values.

In the segment that followed, Jonathan continued the discussion with Marty Dannenfelser, vice president for Government Relations and Coalitions at CURE. They unraveled the intricacies of Washington, D.C. You will gain valuable insights into the Republican candidates for the presidency and the focal points America needs to address.

Join us for a straightforward yet thought-provoking discussion on the political landscape and the critical considerations shaping the future of our nation.

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