WATCH: Could This Be the Real Reason Liberal Lawmakers Won’t Compromise on Immigration Reform?

Although a court ordered the full restoration of DACA on Tuesday, the issue is still in play. The Trump administration will likely appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the meantime, lawmakers are still debating the immigration reform bill. The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli recently appeared on Fox News with host Charles Payne and two co-panelists to discuss immigration reform.

Is eliminating chain migration and the diversity lottery and funding the wall non-negotiable?

Borelli said Democrats just want to resist, but President Donald Trump has “boxed them in” on what to do with so-called Dreamers, brought into the country as minors.

Trump voters don’t want these illegal aliens to get amnesty, but the president included a “pathway to citizenship” as a concession. Even with the recent court ruling, Democrats have to either vote for the bill, which includes funding for the wall, keep stalling.

Borelli reminded viewers that Democrats neglected to resolve the matter when Obama was in office. Are they dragging their feet to use this as a campaign issue for the midterms? Borelli thinks so.

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