WATCH: Here’s Another Reason We Have to Seal the Border

How serious is border security?

We need to enforce our borders for many reasons, including to stop drug trafficking.

Sheriff David Clarke, author of the new book, Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the issue with Lou Dobbs.

President Donald Trump and John Kelly, Department of Homeland Security secretary, both understand the seriousness of the problem at the southern border, the sheriff said. But federal lawmakers seem to be dragging their feet.

“Look, Lou, the southern border is a sieve,” Sheriff Clarke said. “They’re going to have to seal that damn border for domestic security issues, national security issues. The heroin, the drug cartels operating freely across the border, is a domestic security issue.”

If we don’t seal it, the sheriff said, it doesn’t matter how many people we deport. They’re going to find their way back in. The sheriff also mentioned how freely doctors prescribe painkillers, which has contributed to the opioid epidemic. But we must have border security.

Dobbs said President Trump is the first American president — the first leader in this hemisphere — who’s vowed to take on the drug cartels in North America

“It’s astounding,” Dobbs said.

Watch the brief clip to hear Sheriff Clarke’s response.

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