WATCH: ‘How Cool is That?’ What’s Sheriff David Clarke So Pleased About?

Sean Hannity said how refreshing it was to have a man in the White House who stayed true to promises he made on the campaign trail, a man who’s laying the foundation to accomplish a lot more.

“How cool is that?” Sheriff David Clarke said. “Leadership has returned to the White House. We haven’t had it probably in 35 years or so. Real leadership, I’m talking about, since Ronald Reagan was there. A clearly defined vision for America…clear principles, people can understand it, and things that people can get behind. I think his biggest hurdle is going to be [a slow] Congress.”

Sheriff Clarke reminded viewers that we have a border wall to build and an economy to get going, “and they’re still fiddling around with Obamacare.”

The sheriff also reminded viewers that the GOP sent an Obamacare repeal bill to Barack Obama, which he naturally vetoed. So why haven’t they sent a repeal bill for President Donald Trump to sign? Hannity shared what House Speaker Paul Ryan told him.

Syndicated columnist Larry Elder said that every president usually has a honeymoon period, where the other side generally wants to accommodate the new president. But not with President Trump. Despite this, Elder said President Trump has had a pretty remarkable month.

Hannity asked the sheriff whether he was going to join the Trump administration. Listen to the brief clip to hear Sheriff Clarke’s answer.

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