WATCH: Is Bannon’s Departure Good News for Trump’s Economic Agenda?

Ken Blackwell, a member of the administration’s voting ethics committee, spoke to Fox News about President Donald Trump’s post-Bannon economic agenda.

The host asked him if tax reform can be bipartisan. Blackwell said it can, but Republicans have to be ready to do it alone.

He said two things have to happen. Republicans in Congress have to cut the tax rates of corporations and bring relief to middle-class families and workers.

Blackwell said he thinks Congress will achieve infrastructure reform, tax reform, and tax cuts, because the Democrats don’t want Republicans to own these economic improvements.

Will the Democrats just continue to obstruct?

Blackwell said that would be foolish on their part.

The president will speak in Phoenix on Tuesday. Leftist “protesters” will be there. Should he go? Listen to Blackwell’s response:

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