WATCH: Is the GOP in Chaos?

During an appearance on EWTN News Nightly, CURE’s Star Parker said that based on the most recent presidential debate, the Republican party is in chaos.

“The traditional-values people don’t know which candidate to believe. The limited-government Tea Party people don’t trust any of them. The free-market libertarian is pretty much upsetting the apple cart one hundred percent. Then you have those that are traditional establishment candidates that are engaged in this momentum to go to war.”

She added that as the candidates clarify who they are and what they believe, voters are starting to sense that they need something more substantive.

Star liked that the debate remained on topic: terrorism, immigration, and the role America plays in the world. Some of the candidates shined “more than others” on these issues.

The host asked Star who among the candidates is strongest on moral issues like protecting unborn babies, affirming marriage, and protecting religious freedom. Watch the brief clip for her answer.

What about the candidates who’ve never held office and have no record of their positions?

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