WATCH: Star Parker Answers the 'Race' Question on Stossel

Star Parker recently appeared on John Stossel’s show to talk briefly about her life as a former “welfare queen” and how she believed the left’s lies that America is “racist” and our problems are somebody else’s fault.

Star said she was lost and reckless – involved in destructive criminal, drug, and sexual activity. “I was on the long waiting list to get the Section 8, just watching my life spiral into a little dark hole.” Star said becoming a Christian changed her life and brought with it “the idea of freedom and opportunity. Went to school, got a degree.”

Christ changed Star Parker, as He has done, is doing, and will continue to do for His people around the globe.

Star said that starting her business made her realize how libertarian she was, experiencing how heavy the hand of government was on business owners. “Christianity changed my worldview, my moral perspective,” but she started to “trend very, very right” as a business owner.

Stossel agreed that government makes it harder for businesses and asked Star if it was tougher for her because she’s black.

“You know, it’s interesting, this narrative of the left,” Star said. But Stossel interrupted her before she could complete her answer and put the question to the audience.

Watch the brief clip to find out what the audience and Star said about race and success.

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