WATCH: Star Parker's 'Radical' Idea About Abortion in America

Star Parker recently appeared on EWTN News Nightly to talk about the Planned Parenthood scandal. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) so far has released five videos of the abortion mill’s executives discussing and haggling over selling aborted-baby body parts and clinic workers picking through these babies. A court has temporarily blocked CMP from releasing certain other videos.

The host asked Star whether the videos should be a wake-up call to minority and poor communities.

“They absolutely should be a wake-up call, but unfortunately, [the people targeted] probably won’t know about them. Because keep in mind, Planned Parenthood targets the most vulnerable in our society. These are desperate women in desperate situations in desperate communities.”

Star said that pastors in communities with Planned Parenthood clinics should be “very, very concerned…and should be at the front of the line to stop this horrible crime against humanity in their neighborhoods.”

Can Planned Parenthood control the damage? It depends, Star said. Pro-lifers must stand their ground. Another problem: the U.S. Senate doesn’t have the votes to defund the abortion mill. We have to keep what Planned Parenthood has done and probably continues to do in the forefront of people’s minds.

It’s not just about stopping Planned Parenthood from selling aborted babies. “We have to end abortion in this country,” Star said.

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