WATCH: The Charlotte Riots and Following Dr. Martin Luther King’s Example

In the following clip, EWTN News Nightly showed part of a released video of the Charlotte shooting.

Rev. Derek McCoy, National Clergy Director for Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently spoke to EWTN about the shooting and the aftermath.

He called the video disturbing. “It’s challenging. It’s heart-wrenching.” We have another violence incident, and we see “this tension between police officers and citizens continue to just be in the forefront of what’s going on in our culture here.”

Rev. McCoy said that over 70 percent of the people arrested during the riots aren’t from the Charlotte area. They’ve been “bused in” by the people who fund Black Lives Matter, like George Soros.

It’s difficult to solve these problems when outside agitators add fuel to the fire. Rev. McCoy contrasted today’s violent protests with Dr. Martin Luther King’s peaceful civil rights protests. King focused on spiritual aspects of the struggle, and fighting evil, if present, with love.

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