WATCH: These California Residents Voted to Make America Great Again

Why are liberals in California rewarding illegal aliens?

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli calls out some “stupid” things California has done, such as giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses, and, yes, declaring itself a sanctuary for law-breaking foreigners.

Libby Schaaf, major of Oakland, “prioritized illegal aliens above her own legal citizens when she announced an imminent” ICE raid in February, which no doubt gave illegal aliens enough warning to elude federal authorities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called her out for her “irresponsible actions.” Naturally, Schaaf had to have the last word.

But some cities in California are rejecting sanctuary status. They don’t want to be known as a jurisdiction that harbors illegal aliens and refuses to cooperate with immigration enforcement in their own country.

Is it too late to save California from what liberals have done?

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