WATCH: Will Democrats Gain Control, or Will Conventional Wisdom Fail?

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, discussd the midterm elections with Armstrong Williams; Aaron Manaigo, a partner with Global Political Solutions LLC; Elroy Sailor, co-founder and CEO J.C. Watts Companies; Shelby Emmett, a constitutional lawyer; and Devon Smith, senior correspondent at HSH.

Subjects ranged from whether Republicans will keep the House, why Democrats believe they’ll regain control of Congress, to what voters really want.

Panelists talked about “secret conservatives” out there who like what the president is doing, how some Americans are tired of feeling like they need to whisper all the time and watch what they say in this divided country, and how the politically incorrect president is saying what people think.

Are conservatives fed up with leftist mob violence and ready to make their views known at the polls?

The panelists also mentioned the impact caravans of foreigners who intend to enter the country illegally might have on the elections and illegal aliens voting legally because they have driver’s licenses.

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