WATCH: Will the ‘Black Vote’ Be There for Hillary Clinton?

Reaching into the Democrats’ shallow bag of tricks to get black votes, Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump as a “racist.” Will it work?

Sheriff David Clarke said she’s relying on this tactic because it’s worked in the past. But blacks are as diverse as any other group in the country, he added, and they’re are opening their eyes to how much they vote for Democrats.

“Barack Obama was kind of an aberration. He was a lot different than [Clinton] is. Even her husband was more connected…to black people than she ever will be. So, she’s a one-trick pony.”

Stuart Varney asked the sheriff what percentage of the black vote he thinks Clinton will get.

Clinton will get a high percentage of the black vote but not the volume Obama or her husband received, Sheriff Clarke said.

“Well, I’m not predicting any seismic shift…toward Donald Trump. However, he made the appeal, and that’s something that hasn’t happened in the past in the fashion that he did. He went down and talked to black people with respect.” Trump reminded blacks that the American ghetto hasn’t gotten better voting for Democrats.

Varney showed a clip of a man running down three police officers in his car in Phoenix and asked, “Why have the federal authorities said nothing about this attack or all of the others that have taken place across the nation?”

Sheriff Clarke said the U.S. Department of Justice looks at the American law enforcement officer with contempt, as the enemy.

“It’s open season on police officers. Everybody knows it in America except the White House…and the U.S. Department of Justice. This doesn’t fit the narrative. That’s why they don’t focus on this sort of thing. They’ve been apologists for criminals ever since they’ve taken over this administration, and that pattern continues.”

Sheriff Clarke tells Varney what he looks forward to if Trump wins the White House. Watch the brief clip for more.

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