WATCH: Will Trump Keep His Word About Not Running As Independent?

CURE’s Star Parker recently appeared on CNN to discuss Donald Trump’s assertion at the last GOP debate that we won’t run as an Independent. Does she believe him?

“I do believe him,” she said. “I believe that Donald Trump understands that the American voters, in particular the Republicans, are very serious about this candidacy. They are very serious about what’s at stake for our country. And they want him to be serious if he’s going to go [on] the long run, to go into Iowa…New Hampshire…South Carolina and to Super Tuesday.”

Star said Trump is “throwing out a lot of bombs,” especially around his call to ban foreign Muslims from entering the United States.

“All Arabs aren’t Muslims, all Muslims aren’t Arabs, so we need to understand deeper” what Trump has in mind if he’s going to be president.

If he’s serious about running, it’s assuring to voters that he won’t go independent and split the vote.

Fellow guest Charmaine Yoest, of Americans United for Life, said Trump’s “shutting down the internet” comment was an important part of the debate but hasn’t gotten much attention.

She said that Donald Trump is “coming across as strong and certain, and in these uncertain times” that’s what the American people want. Someone assertive and not indecisive. But Trump could slip if he becomes a “laughingstock.”

The host asked Star about the exchange where Jeb Bush told Trump he wouldn’t be able to insult his way to the presidency after he criticized the Bush’s stance on securing the border. Who won the exchange?

“I believe that Bush did,” Star said. “You know, Ted Cruz had an interesting line last night, that border security is national security. So we must absolutely do something about the border, and there are two vying opinions within the Republican party on how to handle it these issues.”

Star believes Bush has a handle on national security, but we need more discussion of border security.

How can we protect our interests as we take on ISIS and still be “diverse?”

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