What California Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Forced to Do Now

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that requires medically licensed crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion, despite their mission to save unborn lives.

A pro-life group asked a court to issue an injunction pending litigation. WORLD reported that a federal judge refused their request.

[Judge John A. Houston] indicated during the hearing that he thought the required information was necessary for women to make “an informed decision.”

The state currently has 150 local crisis pregnancy centers affected by the law.

Because the law requires the centers to convey the information through signage, its supporters claim it doesn’t violate free speech rights. But the director of Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center, one of the centers challenging the law, disagrees.

“What we wish those in the media and the public so greatly influenced by them would understand is that posting a sign at FPRC or providing a referral phone number on documentation from our center to another service provider is verbalizing it,” Carolyn Koole told Pregnancy Help News.

The judge declined to protect religious freedom and freedom of speech. He referred to abortion as “treatment” for pregnancy and that pregnant women need to be aware that they can kill her babies and, in some cases, have it done for “free.”

What American woman isn’t already aware of this? Now pro-life pregnancy centers must promote the very thing they exist to oppose, or face fines.

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