What Can the Pro-Life Movement Expect From a Trump Court?

abortionkills_2Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council speculated about the Supreme Court and abortion in the Trump administration.

“The pro-life movement in America is stronger, more sophisticated, and younger than anywhere else on the planet,” she wrote at The Daily Signal. “We know how to write legislation and how to get it passed at every level of government. We can bury Capitol Hill in post cards and shut down phone lines. We have learned how to find pro-life candidates, get them elected, and keep them accountable. We have become experts in adoption law and in real estate, opening thousands of pregnancy help centers, often right next door to the local abortion center. We have honed our media skills and even become investigative journalists, going undercover to expose the hideous realities behind that anodyne word ‘choice.'”

But pro-lifers haven’t gotten past the U.S. Supreme Court. What does that mean? Since the high court found a previously undiscovered right of privacy for abortion on demand, the court has rejected most of the movement’s attempts to restrict the slaughter.

“On this, the most important social policy of our time, the people have been disenfranchised,” Ruse wrote. “We have tried to change the makeup of the court. Judge Robert Bork would have been an outstanding addition, but the bullies on the left and their media allies took his excellent record and turned it into a bludgeon to beat not only the man but also the process.”

Pro-lifers are ferverntly hoping lawmakers will pass abortion restriction laws, including completely defunding abortion mill Planned Parenthood. And Trump can get the ball rolling.

“When Trump takes office, immediately he will have one seat on the Supreme Court to fill, that of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. That first nomination, however excellent it may be, will simply reinstate a divided court that turns on Justice Anthony Kennedy’s swing vote (last term, Kennedy voted with Democratic nominees Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan 90 percent of the time).”

Ruse mentioned the pro-life measure in Texas the Supreme Court recently overturned. Texas lawmakers attempted to raise safety standards for women in abortion clinics.

Ruse also called Roe v. Wade anti-democratic and anti-constitutional.

“Would a Trump court allow the citizens of a state to establish such safety standards? Probably.”


Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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