WATCH: What Police Officers Have to Deal With

We’ve been hearing so much about how “black lives matter” when it comes to black men killed by white police officers after resisting arrest and/or attacking them and not nearly enough about black lives in the womb or black lives snuffed out by other blacks. Don’t those black lives matter? Rallying against these deaths isn’t interesting to liberals. Or profitable.

In that regard, it’s refreshing to see another black person ask similar questions. Dr. Misee Harris, reportedly “forced to resign” from her dental practice for what her colleagues considered anti-white sentiments on her private Facebook page, asks the question others avoid: “Do Black Lives Matter Enough to Black Teens?”

Dr. Harris posted the video above of a situation that could have ended in someone’s death. But first, an excerpt of her article. At a meeting with “high-level” civil rights people (emphasis added):

I raised the question of what our demand of our own people was. At that point I got some funny stares, but the reactions really got crazy, and I was quickly shot down when I suggested what such a demand could be. Here’s what caused the outrage. I mentioned how, in a number of cases of Black men being killed by police, they actually weren’t gunned down right away without warning. Instead, several of these men were approached by police first and asked to raise their hands or get on the ground but didn’t comply. Now, I am not justifying what the officers did by any means, and I do believe that racial profiling and exaggerated brutality are a serious problem in law enforcement today. However, some of these very public deaths in our community could have been prevented had men like Mike Brown and Eric Garner promptly complied with police instructions. Shouldn’t we include it in our goals to school our sons to follow police instructions, if it can save lives?

After someone (sounds like a black woman) made a call to 911 about a black teenager with a gun, a police officer stopped the group and told them to get on the ground. They certainly took their time about it. One of the teenagers raised his hands but kept walking toward the officer. At that point, the officer didn’t know who had what, but this person was acting suspiciously. The officer would have been justified in taking him down.

But he didn’t. Although the teenager told the officer the gun was fake, the officer had no reason to believe him. The gun’s fakeness isn’t the point. The scenario illustrates what police officers deal with every day. Their lives as well as bystanders’ lives are at stake. Why didn’t the officer shoot? Let’s hope that “armed” perpetrator realizes how fortunate he is.

“Parents and community leaders,” Dr. Harris writes, “please teach our young people to obey the law and do their part.”

According to the news report, the parents were angry with the boys and grateful to the police.

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