What Star Parker Called Government Schools – Liberals Won’t Like It

President Barack Obama believes men pretending to be women should be allowed to use women’s restrooms and changing rooms, facilities where women and girls expect privacy. Star Parker recently appeared on EWTN News Nightly to comment on leftists comparing race to “transgenderism.”

“It seems the progressive left always tries to use this language from the Civil Rights Act so that they can divide to conquer. If they can call people bigoted or racist and/or discriminatory, then it shuts down dialogue. When you think about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., there was not one eternal truth that he tried to overturn. In fact, he appealed to biblical truths to make his case — that America needed to move toward her constitutional founding principles.”

Star said equating race with this behavior confuses young people, because it diverts from what blacks suffered. They buy into the idea that it’s about social justice. Star said she’s thankful that pastors in these communities are starting to engage in the public debate.

What is the long-term effect of the “transgender” mess?

“I’m hoping that the church realigns itself, and we begin to get children out of these government cesspools that we call schools. This is a window of opportunity for people to re-engage in the education of their children and do what the Scripture says, which is to train them up in the way they should go. We build their moral framework.”

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