WATCH: What Star Parker Said About Socialism and Black America

Is Hillary Clinton getting desperate? She’s been struggling in the polls, and she lost the New Hampshire primary to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. Is she denying who she really is to gain support? Star Parker contends that Clinton is also a socialist who’s trying to conceal the truth.

“She’s having real trouble, because she has not read what Margaret Thatcher said [about socialism],” Star said on Fox News. “‘Sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.’ She wants to expand government the same way Bernie Sanders does. She just doesn’t want anyone to know it, yet.”

Stuart Varney asked Star about her past as a welfare recipient. What made her see the light?

Star said she spent seven years in and out of the welfare life. “A born-again Christian experience got me out of it. Then I went into business, and I discovered the free market. And I discovered that capitalism is the answer to poverty, not socialism…Profit is good. It’s the engine for tomorrow.”

She added that Republicans are not “for the wealthy.” They’re for people who want to be wealthy.

Black America has bought the lie for the past 50 years that somebody else will pay for their lives. Consequently, 25 percent of blacks (who are only 13 percent of the population) depend on the government — and 23 percent work for the government.

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