What These Big Business Hypocrites Are Trying to Do to Christian Mom-and-Pops

protect marriageCould anyone have imagined a mere 20 years ago that state lawmakers would be drafting, debating, and voting on bills to protect Christian non-profits, businesses, and individuals from government penalties for opposing what the God they worship calls sin?

The idea of two men or two women calling themselves “husband and husband” and “wife and wife” is so absurd, it shouldn’t be worthy of discussion.

But not only do people discuss it, we’re supposed to pretend it’s normal and rational and that words have no meaning because some lobbying group says so. And the people who refuse to submit to this attempted brainwashing or to allow themselves to be herded along like sheep face the homosexual lobby’s wrath — backed by the power of the government.

This is America’s version of Christian persecution, and it will get worse.

The Daily Signal’s Ryan T. Anderson, who covers religious freedom, wrote about Georgia’s attempt to protect Christians who don’t want to be forced to service homosexual “weddings.” The state’s senate passed a religious freedom bill, and guess who’s resisting it?

Anderson criticized Big Business’s attack on the law, which would protect smaller businessesAn excerpt (emphasis added):

Big business, as represented by “individual corporate giants including Hilton Worldwide, Marriott and InterContinental Hotels Group”; the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; and the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association, have all spoken out against the religious freedom bill as opening the door to widespread discrimination.

But if every Hilton, Marriott, and InterContinental hotel in Georgia already hosts receptions for newlywed same-sex couples—why can’t Georgia protect the mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast or local Knights of Columbus hall that has a different set of beliefs about marriage? This law doesn’t harm minority rights; it protects them in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage.

The hypocrisy of big business lobbying against the law is astounding. They want to be free to operate in Georgia according to their values, but they don’t want small-business competitors to be free to operate according to theirs. If all of the major corporations are already in favor of gay marriage, then this religious freedom law poses no threat. It merely protects the rights of those who disagree.

The tide is turning against Christians at a faster pace. We have to fight for our right not to do something, and not to express a certain point of view. Still, we must keep resisting, keep fighting. The struggle itself is to God’s glory.

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