What This Anti-Religious Freedom Bill Could Do to Christian Colleges in California

religiousfreedom_2If leftist lawmakers and the homosexual lobby get their way in California, private Christian colleges won’t be Christian.

These schools seek to maintain an exemption from so-called non-discrimination laws that infringe on their religious liberty to actually be religious schools.

Biola University, a private Christian school, listed some of the ways it would be affected by an effort to narrow its exemption. Under SB 1146, Christian schools could no longer require a profession of faith or integrate faith with academic subjects. Students would not have to attend chapel, and Bible courses would be electives.

The bill would exempt only seminaries.

The God of the Bible calls homosexuality a sin, and Christian schools must be allowed to teach and live by His word. This is religious freedom. But now that the homosexual lobby has intensified efforts to wield government power to weaken the religious freedom of Christians in particular, they’re going after private colleges whose mission is to teach the Gospel and train disciples.

Lawmakers are trying to fix a non-existent problem. Homosexuals who choose to attend these Christian schools know the institutions are religious. We can assume they also understand what the Bible teaches about all sin.

When it comes to killing unborn babies, leftists are all about choice, yet they don’t respect the choices of people who voluntarily apply for and attend schools that resist caving to the homosexual lobby.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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