What This Lawmaker Said About Unborn Babies Reminds Alveda King of Something Margaret Sanger Did

A liberal lawmaker in Alabama made a statement after the Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill that would make abortion a felony that stunned pro-lifers.

Speaking against the bill, Rep. John Rogers said he thinks abortion is morally wrong, but women should have the right to kill their unborn children if they choose.

He added that people bring a child into the world, and no one wants to adopt that child. There are a “whole lot of black kids” up for adoption, brought into the world unloved and unwanted.

“So you kill him now or kill him later” in the electric chair, Rogers said. Apparently he meant that an “unwanted” and unloved unborn baby is better off being killed in the womb, because he’d end up in prison and executed for murder, anyway. Bizarre. Since “unwanted” babies grow up to be criminals facing execution, better snuff them out before they have a chance to breathe!

The pro-life Alveda King appeared on Fox News to comment on Rep. Rogers’s strange comments. She said she thought about abortion giant Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and her “Negro Project” (1940s), in which she co-opted black pastors to help spread the Birth Control League’s (Planned Parenthood’s forerunner) message to black women.

Dr. King said it was a “secret message of eugenics and genocide, but it was well-couched in something called compassion.” Now, we have new messengers — elected officials — telling women that it’s better to kill their unborn babies now rather than see them killed in the electric chair after they inevitably become criminals.

That is not compassion. Dr. King talks about what is compassionate.

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