While Liberals Mock a Small Raise, This Conservative Focuses on What Matters

House Speaker Paul Ryan caved to liberals and deleted a tweet about a woman who said her $1.50 a week raise would cover her Costco membership for a year.

Liberals called him out of touch for highlighting such a small raise, but it’s obviously of value to her. There was no reason for Speaker Ryan to delete that tweet.

MSNBC considered this significant enough for a whole segment. The host asked Ken Blackwell, former Trump transition team member, if this was a “clumsy tweet.”

Blackwell said Speaker Ryan was one of the major architects of the most significant tax cut in 31 years, “and while he could have pointed to the uptick of labor participation, the uptick in job creation, and the uptick in capital coming back to United States communities and a lift in family income…sometimes unbridled enthusiasm causes unforced errors…”

In other words, the speaker had an arsenal of better examples but chose one less compelling than others. But was it an error and worthy of mockery?

In any case, Blackwell deflected and tried to put the focus back on economic improvements.

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