Who’s Governing ? Your Governor’s Political Party Makes a Difference.

Bishop Aubrey Shines, a member of CURE’s Clergy Network, asks, “Who’s governing you?”

Do you know to which party your governor belongs? It makes a difference.

“Every state that is governed by Republicans are in budget surpluses,” Shines said. “They’re doing incredibly well. Even though the industry in those states may not be as lucrative as other states with larger populations…states that have larger corporations…those states are in a decline.”

California, for example, is plagued with a homeless population defecating in the streets day and night. Things were totally different when a Republican occupied the governor’s mansion.

Shines provided an example of a Republican governor’s committment to protecting life in the womb. Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi said he’s heartbroken over the number of abortions among blacks. But mainstream media paints Mississippi as racist and redneck.

Wisconsin’s governor, on the other hand, vetoed a bill that would have protected babies born alive after botched abortions. What happens when you vote for someone based not on principle, but on race or sex? Shines will tell you.

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