America’s Baby Bust — Why Aren’t We Having Children? Watch Cure America Episode 36

In this episode of Cure America with Star Parker, I lead a panel to ask why Americans are having fewer babies.

A survey conducted by Pew Research last year found only 16 percent of men said having children was essential to have a fulfilling life. Even more alarming is only 22 percent of women said having children is essential to a fulfilling life while 46 percent of women said their career is more important.

Many Americans claim life is too expensive to raise children. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even claims that climate change forces people to not have children. But in this episode, experts such as Patrick Fagan, Ph.D., raise shocking details that show these claims are not true and what this means for our country.

Watch and share this episode with members of your church and your friends on social media as we figure out how we can CURE this baby bust!

Guests include Jonathan Alexandre with Liberty Counsel, Patrick Fagan, director of Marri Institute, Terry Jeffrey, editor in chief of CNS News, Tom Shakely with Americans United for Life, and Nick Solheim, COO of American Moment.

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