Why Do Black Christians Vote for the Pro-Abortion, Anti-Marriage Party?

Bishop E.W. Jackson of Stand America asks the question many conservative Christians ask: why do Christ-professing blacks vote for Democrats, the party that believes unborn life isn’t worth protecting, and that two men who have a mock wedding should be able to call themselves married?

In the video, he talks about the increased assaults on our religious freedom and wonders why Democrat-voting Christians would choose to put these kinds of people in office to continue trampling on our rights.

Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, recently withdrew a government subpoena that would have forced pastors to turn over sermons that mention the sin of homosexuality. The city has an ordinance that outlaws discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, a bizarre classification intended to stop any unfavorable word or deed concerning deviant sexual behavior. Christian business owners, particularly those who provide wedding services, face fines, bankruptcy, and even imprisonment for refusing to participate in the profaning of the God-ordained institution of marriage.

“Christians are under attack by radical gay activists and their Democrat allies,” Bishop Jackson said in a press release. “We will love and forgive, but we will not be silent. No Christian, and this certainly includes Black Christians, should vote for candidates or a Party that attacks their Pastor, their church, their faith and the right to practice it. Black Christians must stop supporting the Democrat Party which has become anti-Christian, anti-life and anti-religious and anti-civil rights.”

As Bishop Jackson says, Christians should be committed to Christ, not a president, to principle, not a party, and to righteousness, not race.

Democrats, he adds, want a captive group of people who’ll vote for them at election time. Despite denials, Democrats push dependency. If someone relies on the government, he’s more likely to vote for the Big Government party. He also notes that cities with high black poverty and high black murder rates, perpetrated by mostly black offenders, are controlled by Democrats.

Bishop Jackson encourages Christians to vote for people who honor God in the positions they take.

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