Why Doesn’t the NAACP Advance the ‘Colored’ Unborn?

Last week, Pastor Clenard Childress (of BlackGenocide.org) and other pro-lifers pointed a spotlight on the NAACP’s apathy toward abortion among black women. Rev. Childress and his group marched outside the abortion-supporting organization’s annual convention held July 13 through July 15 in Philadelphia.

The protesters co-opted the leftists’ politically expedient “Black Lives Matter,” “Don’t Shoot,” “I Can’t Breathe,” slogans, but applied them to the most vulnerable black lives: the unborn.

Pastor Childress called this event the “All Black Life Matters Project.” He said a group that numbered from 21 to 25 people passed out a record 6,500 pieces of pro-life material.

Pastor Childress said the NAACP Delegates ignored the pro-lifers.

Perhaps the most striking sign, seen in the photo above, was an image of the Confederate flag next to an image of an aborted baby that reads: “Which is more hateful? Evil done to us? Evil done by us?” You can see the sign better in this Philly.com article.

“Barack Obama and his administration is funding Planned Parenthood,” Pastor Childress told Philly News. “Democrats are perceived as facilitators of the civil-rights movement,” but what about the one right that trumps them all: life?

In response to the first undercover video that showed a Planned Parenthood executive discussing selling the body parts of aborted babies, Pastor Childress wrote:

This organization is only following its roots which are buried deeply in eugenics and entrenched in callous acts of the worst depravity; practices enacted for the sole purpose of profit.

You should watch very closely how the Democrats, and sadly some Republicans, respond to these new revelations regarding the “Frankenstein Practices” by Planned Parenthood. The Democrats just this morning – July 16th – were rallying around and encircling the wagons in support of Planned Parenthood. But then again, this is the party of Slavery, Jim Crow, and now, Abortion. America must be warned, and until the people cry out against this madness, it will remain the same and bloody business will continue as usual. In the end, we’re no better than Nazi Germany, the way we’re killing the innocent.

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