Will the Netanyahu-Kerry Meeting in Berlin Accomplish Anything?

JohnKerryPrime Minister Netanyahu will meet with United States Secretary of State John Kerry in Berlin Thursday in one of several meetings with international leaders scheduled this week.

Afterward, Netanyahu is scheduled to travel to Vienna to meet with foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, following a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Amman.

Netanyahu met with UN General Ban Ki-moon during his surprise visit to Israel on Tuesday.

The meetings are focused on finding solutions for ongoing Palestinian violence and terror throughout Israel.

On Thursday morning, two terrorists stabbed a student near a synagogue in Beit Shemesh. Israeli police stopped the terrorists. Later, police confirmed that the terrorists attempted to board a bus filled with children; however, the attack was thwarted by civilians.

The attack comes after an IDF soldier was stabbed on Wednesday, and four IDF soldiers were wounded when a terrorist hit them with his vehicle.

AmirTsarfatiAmir Tsarfati, a Jewish Christian, is the founder and president of Behold Israel, a news site to correct the scarcity in trustworthy reportage on issues and events impacting Israel, and to resolve the uncertainty about who or what to believe.

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