Will This New Obama Administration Rule Keep Some Homeless People Away From Shelters?

homelessshelterNobody is safe from the homosexual lobby’s agenda, especially your children.

Circumventing the U.S. Congress and the will of the people, the Obama administration has issued orders to violate the privacy and risk the safety of women and girls in intimate facilities like restrooms, locker rooms, and showers in government schools.

Now the government will finalize orders to allow people pretending to be the opposite sex to use homeless shelters designated for the opposite sex if the shelter receives government funds. From the Hill:

“Transgender women are women regardless of whether they were born male,” said David Stacy, government affairs director at the Human Rights Campaign.

“If you’re a transgender woman and you walk into a homeless shelter and they treat you like a man, it’s traumatizing,” he added. “These people are already vulnerable, they’re homeless, they don’t have a job. To face discrimination the entire time they’re there is a real problem.”

Religious organizations see things differently.

Tim Wildmon, president of the conservative American Family Association, lamented having to “make room for people who are sexually confused at the expense of everyone else.”

There is no such thing as a “transgender” woman. There are biological females and biological males, regardless of how they dress or how they feel.

Words have meaning.

HUD’s proposed regulation instructs homeless shelters to disregard the “complaints of other shelter residents” who feel uncomfortable living with someone who is transgender.

“It is likewise prohibited to deny appropriate placement based on a perceived threat to health or safety that can be mitigated some other less burdensome way,” the proposal says.

In other words, if a woman in a shelter that receives government funding is uncomfortable sleeping near a man pretending to be a woman, that’s her problem.

What about the feelings of homeless women who’ve been raped or beaten by men or homeless men fearing they’ll be accused of such acts by women pretending to be men?

There’s no limit to liberal madness.

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