Will Trump’s Well-Received SOTU Help Him Get Legislation Passed?

Ken Blackwell, who advised President Donald Trump on domestic policy during the transition, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the president’s well-received State of the Union address and what it could mean for his future in office.

The president is an entrepreneur and a smart guy in terms of being politically savvy, Blackwell said, and he doesn’t think the president’s good impression will be his last. But will it be enough to move legislation through a Congress where certain Republicans seem to be resisting his policies?

Blackwell said that President Trump doesn’t see things through an ideological lens. He’s a negotiator, and he’ll see there’s growing public support for his agenda to get America going again, producing jobs, protecting the borders, etc.

For instance, President Trump knows “we have a birth rate problem [demographically]” to keep the country on a growth spurt, but that doesn’t mean we let just anybody in who’ll harm those already here.

Blackwell said the president is a businessman who’s led a family-controlled limited liability company and had to transition to running a “publicly traded company on steroids” — the government — but he falls back on his strengths. He can listen to both sides and negotiate.

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