World's Interview with Baker Who Refused to Make Homosexual 'Wedding' Cake

wedding cakeAlthough there were plenty of bakers in the area who likely would have made a homosexual “wedding” cake, two men asked a Christian business owner to make one. Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop refused, and they sued.

A court ordered Phillips to bake homosexual “wedding” cakes and undergo homosexual indoctrination. He said he’d rather stop selling them altogether. World recently interviewed Phillips. An excerpt:

A couple of years ago in 2012, a situation happened here in your bakeshop. Would you describe what has happened since then? I had two guys come in that wanted me to make them a wedding cake. I declined to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. I informed them that I’d make all their other products, birthday cakes, shower cakes, cookies, and brownies, but that was a product that I didn’t do. They left and sent out a message to all their Facebook friends or whatever, and soon phone calls started coming and emails and a lot of hate mail. Pretty vile phone calls … and then it just got pretty crazy after.

Talk to me about that very first interaction. I had two girls working for me, and it would have been their job to do that first. But they were both tied up, so I’m third in line. They indicated that they were both busy, and could I take care of that. I went over to the desk. The two guys introduced themselves. I introduced myself. They said what they were here for. I declined to make that, and they said, ‘What?’ and I said, ‘I’ll make your other stuff,’ and then they stomped out.

Was this something that you had predicted might be a decision you would have to make in your future, or had you actually had other couples come in, in the past? Yes, we’ve run across this in the past, but I don’t make any judgment because two girls could come in, and they’re just good friends and one of them is the bride, you know, and the other one is a friend. So I don’t determine that. But first thing they said was, ‘We’re here to get a wedding cake. It’s for our wedding.’ They let me know it right off.”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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