Carl Jackson: 10 Questions Every Freedom-loving American Must Ask Post COVID-19

To be clear, the Wuhan Coronavirus remains a public health threat in America. Americans should continue to follow the CDC guidelines, such as frequent hand washing, social distancing, proper respiratory hygiene and avoiding touching your face. Eventually, we’ll defeat this disease. Once we do, we need to review, what, if any of our civil liberties were stolen under the guise of a “national health emergency” and fight like hell to get them back.

COVID-19’s impact took all of us by surprise, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who claimed we had nothing to worry about as recently as late February. The fast-spreading disease caused President Trump to take the unprecedented measure of voluntarily shutting down our great economy. But those of us that follow politics closely understand that we can’t divorce the fight against COVID-19 from the fight Democrats are waging to undermine our Constitution and the 2020 election.

While Americans were suffering from job loss and sickness due to a once-in-a-century pandemic, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) and her colleagues thought it was a good time to advance their radical agenda in the emergency relief package that was designed to send direct unemployment payments to Americans. Pelosi’s wish list included funding for Planned Parenthood, the Green New Deal, mandates for mail-in and early voting and money to balance budgets in blue states where Democrat governors overspent.

Here are 10 questions Americans must ask, answer and act upon before leftists seize on the next opportunity to control us:

1) Was it worth destroying the American Economy to fight the Novel Wuhan Coronavirus?

I contend, the answer will be no. If we were to determine the impact of COVID-19 using the same calculation used to determine the death rate for the seasonal flu, that is taking the confirmed number of deaths divided by the estimated number of total cases (not the tested number of confirmed cases) that’ll give us the real death rate. Dr. Deborah Birx admitted that COVID-19 is being counted as the cause of death for every patient who has tested positive for COVID-19 that happens to die, which is arguably insane.

2) Should government officials have the power to decide which jobs are essential vs. nonessential?

Elected officials don’t have the authority to determine which jobs in the private sector are “essential” vs. “nonessential” in the same way private citizens can determine which government jobs are nonessential vs essential since taxpayers pay their salaries and not vice-versa. A single mom that relies on her tips as a waitress to feed her kid, has an essential job. Steve, who counts on construction projects so he can keep a roof over his family’s heads and food on the table for his wife and three kids, has an essential job. Obviously, there are jobs that are more essential in a time of crisis. Jobs like healthcare workers, first responders, engineers and even some elected officials, but that doesn’t mean other jobs aren’t essential.

3) Were your Bill of Rights violated during the lockdowns?

We all heard the stories of politicians that abused their power, perhaps to create a name for themselves. Crises will always reveal a politician’s motives. Remember the ones that revoked your Second Amendment right, your right to assemble at a church despite following the CDC guidelines, those that tried to reschedule or cancel elections, those that mandated you wear a mask and gloves, those that restricted house-to-house visitation and fire them on Election Day.

4) What must we do to keep foreign pandemics out of our country and prevent another “voluntary” economic shutdown?

Stop calling a leader that has the courage to identify the origin of a foreign virus and seal the borders until the threat of spreading the virus is either contained or mitigated a racist and xenophobe for doing his job to protect Americans. Americans are smart enough to revisit the CDC guidelines and figure out how to safely conduct business for themselves, were this to happen again.

5) Which party attempted to use COVID-19 to fundamentally change our system?

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi viewed the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to change our capitalist and constitutional system without voters having a say in the matter. Once they realized they’d be unsuccessful, they held relief payments for Americans hostage until Republicans allowed for some of their demands. Proving once again that the Democratic leadership cares more about power than they do people.

6) Can America trust China to provide most of our medicine and medical supplies?

No. We can’t rely on Communist China to provide our manufacturing and medical supply needs. Ninety-five percent of the Wuhan virus infections and countless deaths could’ve been prevented had they not silenced their whistleblowers.

7) Should America Continue to fund the World Health Organization (WHO)?

No. They were complicit in China’s coverup costing thousands of American lives. The WHO lied about the ability of the disease to transmit from person-to-person and cast doubt that asymptomatic patients could spread it.

8) Which state and local officials abused their authority?

I’m not Desi Arnaz, but the governors of Kentucky and Michigan have a lot of “splaining” to do. But they’re not alone. Many mayors across the country used the crisis to unnecessarily clamp down on civil liberties. Identify them and vote them out.

9) What will a return to normalcy look like personally and constitutionally?

This question is imperative for every freedom-loving American to ask and answer. America will never be what it was post-COVID-19 if we can’t recall what it was like pre-COVID-19.

10) What ideology benefitted most during the crisis?

It’s a socialist dream to have central control of the government while Americans sit at home depending on welfare checks to survive rather than jobs. The sooner freedom is restored the better.

CarlJacksonCarl Jackson is a radio talk show host – his web site is

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  1. Mr. Jackson, regarding No. 9: The civil restrictions put in place following 9/11 have likely prepared Americans for life after the coronavirus pandemic.

  2. #1 & 2: I must disagree. This disease is very insidious; the people who infect others are often unaware that they themselves have it – like “Typhoid Mary.” So even those of us who have no symptoms must take extra precautions not to endanger others. Thus closing some businesses, and canceling events likely to draw a crowd, makes sense. Our economy has taken a hit, but is not “destroyed.” If we need to shop, we still have the Internet.

    However, having closed certain businesses, the government has a responsibility to help people who have lost essential income. And they are attempting to do that – though as usually happens when the Fed steps in, it’s pretty inefficient so far! All the more need for those of us who can, to step up to the plate and help via private charity and volunteering.

    Last but not least, for some governments to describe elective abortions as “essential health care” and allow clinics to stay open, endanger their patients, and use up essential supplies, makes no sense whatever. And it shows- in spite of all the rhetoric emanating from Pelosi, Cuomo, et al. – how little they really value human life.

    #4 & 7: Definitely agree! The Chinese Communists refused to take preventive measures, such as sealing their borders – more concerned with their profits and their image than with health, even that of their own people. And WHO was no better. President Trump did the right thing.

    #6: I agree, absolutely. Enough of this “offshoring.” Essential items – especially medical supplies – should be manufactured here. One reason Puerto Rico was an economic basket case even before Hurricane Maria was that the pharmaceutical industry pulled out so they could move operations to China.

    #3 & 8: Yes! I’ve been reading too many stories of churches being forbidden to have services on Easter Sunday – even when everyone stayed in their cars and listened in on the radio – while drive-in fast food places were allowed to be open. (One minister even found that someone had dumped nails in his parking lot, to prevent people from coming in.) Totally outrageous!

    All in all, a very helpful and thought-provoking article.