A Christian Baker Asked the Supreme Court to Protect His Religious Freedom — This is What the Court Did

Two homosexuals asked Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips to bake a “wedding” cake for them. The Christian declined. Rather than respecting his faith and going to another bakery, the two homosexuals claimed discrimination and filed a complaint with the state’s “civil rights” commission.

The commission ordered Phillips to change his store’s policy and issue quarterly reports, and his staff to undergo Communist-style re-education in correct thinking.

Phillips appealed to the Colorado Human Rights Commission, which ruled against him. The Colorado Court of Appeals also ruled against him, and the Colorado Supreme Court declined to hear his case.

Phillips said he doesn’t bake certain cakes for certain events. He won’t bake a cake celebrating witchcraft or Halloween, for example. How far would the case have gone if two “witches” had filed a complaint?

One reason Christians were alarmed about homosexuals gaining special rights is these special rights would impact religious freedom. The fears have come to pass. The homosexual lobby’s aim is to shut down dissent and force compliance, primarily from Christians.

Phillips turned to the nation’s highest court to protect his rights and his business. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday delayed a decision whether to hear his case. From the Washington Times:

The case has been on the Supreme Court’s potential calendar since last September, and been listed for 14 conferences, but each time the justices have emerged to say it was re-listed for the future.

Josh Blackman, a law professor at South Texas College of Law, said usually a case is re-listed once so the justices can look at it more closely, but a second relist could mean one of the justices is writing a dissent to deny review.

“At this point, it seems unlikely the court will grant it,” said Mr. Blackman.

Christians hope that President Donald Trump and Congress do more to protect the rights of the individual, upon which this great country was founded.

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  1. This gentleman won’t bake a child’s cake for Halloween? I think Jesus would hand out candy and think nothing of it.

  2. Nothing to see here folks, just America continuing the slide onto the ash heap of history. America has been in a “culture war” for the past fifty-odd years. Sadly, the war has been, is being, won by the ‘secular,’ irreligious, PC, morality defined by whatever anyone ‘likes’ to do, crowd!

  3. While I agree that this nation is sliding into the ash heap of history, God did bless the founding of this nation, granted us freedom to freely practice religion without government’s hand in it, and if that were not enough, He even granted to us the greatest military force on the planet and made our name great among all the nations.

    In exchange for all of that we backslid into immorality and have forsaken the very precepts upon which this nation should stand. Without these precepts, we will not stand; but there will be a reckoning: there are a lot of believers still in this nation who are praying and prophets are speaking out against the evils in this nation. He always judges rightly even though our judges do not.