A Coalition of States Sue the Trump Administration to Strip Health Care Workers of Religious-Freedom and Conscience Protections

The Trump administration published a final rule earlier this month that protects the religious and conscience rights of health care workers who don’t want anything to do with killing unborn babies, “gender transition,” assisted suicide, or other procedures that violate their beliefs.

But people who oppose religious freedom and freedom of conscience want to strike down this regulation, leaving health care professionals vulnerable to government retaliation.

For example, a coalition of states recently filed a lawsuit to stop enforcement of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s new rule. From the Washington Times:

The lawsuit says the conscience protections, which thrilled President Trump’s pro-life base, are overly broad and could undermine care, while threatening billions of dollars in federal aid if states and cities refuse to comply.

“This change to put providers above patients comes at a dangerous price: it will undermine the plaintiffs’ ability to administer their health care systems and deliver patient care effectively and efficiently,” the lawsuit says.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is leading the lawsuit, wants federal judges in the Southern District of New York to enjoin the rule, before it takes effect this summer.

The new rule requires health care organizations that receive federal taxpayers’ money to protect the religious and conscience rights of workers, or they may lose this funding.

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