This Governor Is Ready to Defy His Party AGAIN to Sign a Pro-Life Bill Into Law

As long as Roe v. Wade is “law of the land,” it’s unlikely that any state bans restricting abortion will stand after federal courts hear arguments for and against.

Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama recently signed into law a measure that effectively outlaws abortion except if continuing the pregnancy risks the mother’s life or “substantial physical impairment of a major bodily function,” if a doctor diagnosed her with a serious mental condition such that she might hurt herself or her baby, or if the baby is fatally abnormal.

Another governor is prepared to sign a pro-life bill, but this one might enrage liberals more than normal. John Bel Edwards, the liberal governor of red-state Louisiana, signed a pro-life bill in 2016, which would require abortionists to wait 72 hours before killing an unborn baby.

Gov. Edwards likely will sign a bill working its way through the legislature that bars doctors from killing unborn babies if they detect a heartbeat. From Christian Headlines:

“My position hasn’t changed. In eight years in the legislature, I was a pro-life legislator,” Edwards told media members last week, according to CNN. “When I ran for governor, I said that I was pro-life. And so that’s something that’s consistent.”

He added: “The people of Louisiana are overwhelmingly pro-life.”

[The heartbeat bill] would take effect only if a similar Mississippi law, which is being challenged in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, is upheld.

The bill passed the state Senate, 31-5, this month, and is expected to pass the House. A Democrat, state Sen. John Milkovich, is the sponsor.

Sources reported that Gov. Edwards and his wife declined a doctor’s advice to kill their third-trimester unborn child, who was diagnosed in utero with spina bifida. Almost 30 years later, that daughter is married and works as a school counselor.

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