A Tale of Two Candidates

As I travel throughout this nation, I hear so many share how concerned they are with the current presidential candidates’ temperament and their character. So many are saying that they don’t want to vote or get involved in this current election. As Americans and as Christians, I appeal to you that we cannot forsake our God-given right and responsibility to go out and vote this upcoming election. We cannot sit this one out as the future of America and frankly the world hangs in the balance. Our job, especially as Christians, is not just to vote for the candidate that we “like” or because of their personal race or sexual classification. Our job is to seek out the candidate that best aligns to our core biblical or moral values and who is also going to appoint key judges and cabinet members that will best preserve those principles.

In regards to polices and principles, Hillary Clinton has publicly stated many anti-Christian and anti-conservative stances around key policies. She is for full-term abortions, would be open to repealing and or adding strict regulations to our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, is pro-gay marriage, believes in open borders, would maintain Obamacare, and plans to elect progressive and liberal judges that would help drive some of these policies even farther to the left. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has repeatedly declared a pro-life stance on abortion, would maintain the statues and integrity of our constitution; including the 2nd amendment, is for traditional marriage as defined as one man and one woman, would work for secure borders and reformed immigration, believes in repealing Obamacare, and has shared a list of judges that he would appoint who have a long history of conservative and evangelical values. He also picked a VP running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, who has an outstanding fiscal and conservative record.

If you are a Christian who believes in biblical principles, or an American fighting for conservative values in this nation, the choice starts to become clearer as you strip away the personality and look at the policies and the cabinet that each candidate plans to put in place during their potential Presidency. You may not like Donald Trump personally, and you don’t have to, but look at the policies that he stands upon and discern the times that we’re in. Our nation cannot take another 4 years of President Obama’s failed policies, which is what we would get with Hillary Clinton. In fact, if she goes in office, we as a nation and as Christians are not likely to recover from a Clinton administration for several years. Our economy won’t withstand, and our ability to prosper as a leading global nation will dwindle.

Our Black and Latino communities will suffer even greater harm, as will clergy in America who desire to uphold and stand on the Word of God; however, you never hear about these things in the media, nor do most understand how the DNC party has gravely impacted those demographics over the last 75 years. I urge all Americans to lay down your emotions and think of the America that you want to see and that you want to build as a legacy for future generations. Don’t sit this election out, go out and vote, as this is likely going to be one of the most important elections of our lifetime!

I mentioned above how the media rarely covers how Hillary Clinton and the DNC party have gravely impacted Blacks, Latinos and clergy. Watch my 4-minute video on why Black and Latino Pastors will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton in this upcoming election:

aubreyshinesBishop Aubrey Shines is a member of CURE’s clergy board and founder of G2G Ministries. For more information visit aubreyshines.com.

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