WATCH: Megyn Kelly and Feminist Guest Use the ‘L’ Word On Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke, outspoken lawman, critic of President Barack Obama, and ardent advocate of the American police officer, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about a comment the president made.

(“I love when the sheriff wears his hat,” host Megyn Kelly said. He didn’t respond to this remark or even smile.)

The president implied that people who oppose Hillary Clinton are sexists. Were voters sexist in 2008 when they chose him over her in the primary?

The sheriff reminded viewers that the president has played the race card since he’s been in office, “that every time somebody criticized him, it was because he was black. And it scared off a lot of Republicans…The problem is, the American public is tired of this class warfare. The reason why they don’t like Mrs. Bill Clinton is not because she’s a woman, but because she’s dishonest, and she is hiding something. She’s hiding the truth. She tries to play herself off as a victim like she’s Little Red Riding Hood, but she’s more like the Big Bad Wolf.”

This is politics, Sheriff Clarke said. It’s a contact sport and not for the faint of heart.

Julie Roginsky, a Democratic strategist, spent her response time taking issue with the sheriff calling Clinton “Mrs. Bill Clinton.” Prefacing her comment with “I love you, but, ” she lectured Sheriff Clarke about Clinton’s other titles and implied it was sexist and wrong to use the female version of husband’s name.

(The sheriff isn’t wrong. Married women have used the female version of their husband’s names — “Mrs.” followed by the husband’s first and last names. The usage is traditional, but it’s not incorrect. Perhaps Roginsky doesn’t remember this usage or never knew it. It’s clear she doesn’t like it.)

Watch the brief clip to hear what Sheriff Clarke and Roginsky had to say about feminists’ double standards when liberals criticized Sarah Palin when she was running as vice president.

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  1. I am so damn tired of Megan Kelly and her “act”. I’m not sure why she can’t be a serious journo like Shannon Bream or Catherine Herridge. She has the talent, but she seems to prefer emphasizing her gender first. It didn’t work with Trump, and it has lost her a bunch of her audience. Her performance a few days ago with Newt was a mistake because he turned the tables on her big time.

  2. “I love it when the sheriff wears his hat”l what an absolutely empty headed ignorant comment and rozinsky does not have enough sense to comment on anything she needs to go away.

  3. “It’s clear she doesn’t like it.”

    As is the case with most women wanting a ‘career,’ and financial independence, separate any “man” connection or dependence thereon.

    Before women entered the work force, on the scale seen today, arguably ‘forced’ into it due to the post nuclear family requiring (they think) two incomes, America was running a divorce rate less than 24%! Today, one in every two marriages ends in divorce, a 50% rate! That number does not take into account the decimation experienced in the black family community, especially. Both white and black women are raising children as a single parent in record numbers, more of a record in the black families.

    Unlike Roginski, however, these women are not financially stable on their own! The American family is in ruins, and America can not remain the BIGGEST DOG on the block as that continues….

    As reprehensible to Roginski’s sensibilities in using “Mrs. Bill Clinton” to refer to Hillery R. Clinton, it is, without doubt, appropriate when considering that this woman has been riding BillyBob’s coattails! To further her ambitions, rather than join that 50% parade of women leaving men, she not only ignored but defended her BillyBob’s proclivities with others not named Hillery! As the Sheriff might say, if that aint a “Mrs. Bill Clinton,” there aint a hog in Arkansas….