From the Archives: Why This Abortion Advocate Was Nervous About Debating Abortion with Star Parker

This article was first published in 2018.

Three days ago, I debated with three pro-lifers and two abortion advocates at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Ohio.

Debates with people who support abortion are rare. They don’t want to talk about their opinions about abortion beyond talking about choice. You’ll understand why when Professor April Cherry, who is an advocate for abortion, began her speech and remarked how she was cautious about speaking with people like me.

After you listen to what she says, you’ll understand why she was so nervous. Not only did the Yale-educated law professor compare babies in the womb to acorns that are not trees (and can therefore simply be discarded), but she made one comment in defense of abortion during our Q&A session that exposes the left-wing post-modernist agenda that poisons our childrens’ minds at all levels of education and society. Here’s what she said:

“Motherhood is socially-constructed.” – Professor April Cherry

In the video below that has three parts, I included Professor Cherry’s 10-minute speech. After her speech, you can watch my speech and response. Then you can watch our Q&A session.

I’m glad Professor Cherry joined our debate because Americans need to hear the real truth from those like her who deliver poison to our children and the next generation of leaders in our country that disintegrates our families.

Please watch this important pro-life debate and please share with your family, friends and church members.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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  1. Just excellent, Star. Relatively new over the past year and a half to your’s and CURE’s great work on advocacy for pro-life and other important issues facing our young people (especially in our urban communities), you “hit one out of the park” with your speaking. God Bless you and all at CURE. I am now a committed follower and supported. Financially when able and prayerfully always. Thank You!

  2. We all paraphrase Mathew 24:42 “No one knows the appointed hour.” That’s as true at the end of life as it is at the beginning of life. I don’t think anybody knows precisely when human “life” begins. Let’s leave it in God’s hands.