Abortion Advocates Won’t Like What’s Happening in Ohio

Former Ohio governor John Kasich signed a bill into law in 2016 to block organizations that kill unborn babies or promote abortion from receiving $1.3 million in grant money.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit struck down the law as unconstitutional, but the full court recently ruled that the state may defund abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. From WHIO.com:

The 6th Circuit ruling was written by Judge Jeffrey Sutton, a conservative and former Ohio solicitor. Sutton concluded the Ohio law does “not violate a woman’s right to obtain an abortion. It does not condition a woman’s access to any of these public health programs on refusing to obtain an abortion.”

“It makes these programs available to every woman, whether she seeks an abortion or not,” Sutton wrote. “Nor, on this record, has there been any showing that the Ohio law will limit the number of clinics that offer abortions in the state.”

In other pro-life news, the Ohio Senate recently passed a bill that would bar a doctor from killing an unborn baby if he detects a heartbeat, which could be heard as early as six weeks. Republicans control both houses, and Governor Mike DeWine said he’d sign it, so the bill likely will become law.

But abortion advocates will file a lawsuit to stop enforcement. And they might lose again.

Photo credit: Life News Twitter

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