Don’t Laugh, But Some People Think the Right to Abortion ‘Might’ be a Constitutional Amendment

A Campus Reform reporter hung out in Georgetown in Washington, D.C., and asked people how they felt about the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade.

One woman said she was “pretty depressed about it.” She said it made her “really angry.” Another woman said she was “very disappointed,” and it was “like, the worst outcome we could have had.” A pro-life man said it was “awesome.” The ruling ends a bad decision and it’s also a win for life and morality. Hopefully, he added, states will pass bills to limit abortions.

A “pro-choice” man said he didn’t think overturning Roe “protects the most poor and the people who are the most marginalized in our society.”

Then Campus Reform offered these same people $20 to find the right to kill an unborn baby in the Constitution. One man said he couldn’t do it because he doesn’t read the Constitution. Another said he wasn’t very well informed about our founding document.

One of the interviewees thinks he might know where the right to abortion is in the Constitution: “At the end, I guess, because it’s an amendment.” A different man guessed that such a right was in the Fourteenth Amendment. Watch the brief clip for more.

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  1. Not laughing, but crying, to see how ignorant – both of the Constitution and basic biology – so many supposedly educated young people are. I wish the interviewer had asked the ones who said “abortion is health care” to tell her what kind of health care kills human beings.

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