Abortion Mill's Negligence Killed Lakisha Wilson

CUREabortionvids2Lakisha Wilson, who sought to kill her unborn, late-term baby, died because of the Preterm Abortion Clinic’s negligence. According to the autopsy report, Wilson’s uterus was supposed to contract after the abortionist killed and removed the baby. Hers didn’t. If she’d been monitored properly, perhaps she would have survived. But she wasn’t.

Wilson suffered blood loss and went into shock, which was not immediately detected, or she would have been treated and stabilized.

Wilson did receive medications at Preterm that cause uterine contractions in an apparent effort to control the hemorrhage, but it appeared to be too little, too late.

Depressed respiration caused by sedation administered by abortion clinic personnel may have contributed to the lack of oxygen Wilson’s body received, compounding the medical crisis she experienced due to blood loss. As a result, Wilson suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and subsequent fatal brain damage while at the Preterm Abortion Clinic before paramedics were called.

Clinical language for a sad situation. Ironically, feminists and other liberals oppose legislation intended to increase oversight at these places, such as requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges to hospitals within 30 miles of their location. When abortion mills fall short of the standard of care for the previously pregnant mothers, they could end up with two dead people on their hands. Raising the standard is the least the state can do.

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